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    All video content is professionally filmed and edited, compatible across all platforms and streamed from the industry leading-video provider.


    Subscription-based painting and drawing tuition service. One-to-one Tuition upgrade option available.

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    A library of over 100 painting and drawing Projects, featuring video demonstrations, full step-by-step instructions, notes and additional resources.

    Demonstrations, Guides and in-depth Tutorials for all the core watercolour and drawing techniques, from beginner upwards.

    A full Watercolour for Beginners course, Pencil Drawing course and Composition Workshop.

    Share the experience and communicate with other subscribers in the Forum.

    Post the work you are most proud of in the Members Gallery.

    Share source photos and project ideas with other members in the Photo Share Area.

    No minimum contract period - the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

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    Private, Professional One-to-one Tuition, feedback and guidance direct from Peter. Work at your own pace, on the courses, projects or your own personal projects, and submit work at any time. Let him guide you through the process of learning and improving your watercolour techniques.
    Do you want to take your watercolour skills to the next level? Peter is happy to give personal advice, insights and guidance on all aspects of what it takes to be a professional artist.

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    Click Here to start.

    "I’ve got to say that the way you’ve structured these courses and how you’ve demonstrated your techniques in such a simple and easy to understand way has worked for me big time. Your 1 to 1 service has been invaluable and your constructive feedback has been an enormous help. I never hesitate to recommend your online service .... I feel it’s certainly worked for me."
    - Sue, Buckinghamshire
    "This is a comprehensive course in watercolour painting for beginners such as myself and those with some experience who want to learn other styles and techniques.

    It’s logically organized from a flat wash to composing and executing a fairly complex painting. The examples illustrate a wide range of subjects catering for all interests

    Peter takes you through projects step by step, provides tutorials and explains specific techniques of watercolour and pencil. There’s also a gallery of other students’ work which is pretty daunting – presumably all have many years of practice.

    He answers queries promptly. I’m in Adelaide Australia and sometimes receive replies overnight. He explains everything and you’re never left wondering.

    It’s also very good value for money."

    - Alan Strickland, Adelaide AUSTRALIA
    "I have started a course with Peter Woolley. He is a brilliant teacher. His tutorials are spot on. The subject matter is achievable. He goes through each stage step by step. The good thing is that you can watch the video as many times as you want before you start paint. The feedback is detailed, useful advice given and overall I am very happy with this course. To be perfectly honest I did not expect it to be this good but it is. "
    - Ellen, Middlesex
    "Peter has been my watercolour teacher/mentor for over 3 years now. His course schedules are laid out so that a complete novice can understand and progress under his tutelage. There are so many levels that an intermediate or advanced Artist might benefit and can quickly progress through the important 'groundwork' lessons and get to the 'meat' where specific subjects are taught. Trees, Skies, Water, Grass, Sheep, Mountains, Rocks, Reflections, Shadows,etc., you will learn it all and you will have a bank of extra material to try your new skills out on. Peter's approach helps to establish a strong design concept using concepts like color contrast, various perspectives, and composition.

    One of the most impressive things is not just his painting talent but his ability to sequence essential techniques and build upon them in subsequent lessons.

    If you are serious about Watercolours, look no further."

    - Russell, Maryland USA
    "As an owner of an online training company, I have extremely high expectations of any courses I take online. Peter's watercolor classes and feedback not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. I highly recommend these classes for anyone wanting to take their watercolor paintings to the next level."
    - Maria, Georgia USA
    "I must say that I have been really pleased with your teaching online. It is really complete, with all the videos and the step by step very clear. Thank you very much for giving such a complete course."
    - Stephanie, Lamorlaye FRANCE
    "The drawing course I took from you was a treat and remains a real highlight of the year. I still look over the work I did for you and am proud."
    - Alice, Maine USA
    "I can definitely recommend Peter's on-line watercolour course. The demonstrations were very clear and helpful and each subject was explained thoroughly. The critiques at the end of each session were friendly, helpful and encouraging. There was never any pressure to complete the work and you could work as quickly or as slowly as you wanted to. I'm really pleased I did this course and feel I have learned a lot from it."
    - Lesley, Northamptonshire
    "Peter, you didn't gave a canned feedback, nor just a good one, you went far and beyond, I felt you did the extra effort to enter in my shoes before to sit and answer me, which requires commitment, time and brain from your behalf, and for that I heartily thank you."
    - Dario, Rome ITALY
    "I would like to make a comment about your watercolour and pencil drawing courses. They have been absolutely brilliant. I have learnt so much in just a few months.

    Peter I have been amazed at the in depth critiques that you have given. It shows such dedication and understanding. As a fellow teacher (I was a Junior Teacher before retirement) I am aware of the time you have dedicated to giving invaluable guidance and I am extremely grateful. You have a special gift which you share willingly. Thank you."

    - Margaret, Norfolk

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    [3] Upon successful completion of the transaction, confirmation of the subscription will be sent to you via email, which will also contain the necessary credentials required to access the Members Area. If your chosen level of subscription is that of 'Student', then the email will also contain extra information on how to access your private page and extra features.

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    [5] If your subscription is for a fixed period, you will be notified of the imminent expiry date approximately 10 days before the end of your subscription period, and offered the opportunity to renew your subscription, either under the same terms or new ones if you prefer, without any loss of service.

    [6] Students may submit work as often as they like during the term of their subscription, subject to a fair-usage policy designed to make the process as fair as possible for all active subscribers (this is currently set to a maximum of 2 separate submissions, although a 'submission' may include several pieces of work, depending upon the session). Students are asked to not send in anything else until their private page has been updated. Peter will look at it and prepare written feedback, guidance and other appropriate resources, with suggestions, recommendations and, if necessary, follow-up exercises. This information can only be accessed by the student, via their own password-protected private page. Please note, students should expect a delay between submitting work and having a report posted of up to 7 days, although it is often much quicker, depending upon how many students are submitting at any given time.

    [7] Students may submit work sourced from projects of their own, select from pre-prepared projects, or follow any, or all, of the structured Beginners Courses. The pace at which a student wishes to work is up to the individual; Peter Woolley will not be held responsible for the self-motivation of students, although every encouragement will be given.

    [8] Half-Yearly or Annual subscriptions are NOT refundable if cancelled. If you are unsure of your commitment to the service, a monthly subscription to try out the service is strongly recommended, which can then be changed to a yearly subscription at any time.

    [9] Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. You can do this yourself via your Paypal account (if your payments are processed by Paypal), or by following the link on the confirmation email and selecting the cancel option (if your payments are processed by Worldpay). Alternatively, we can terminate the payments for you following an email request to cancel. Either procedure will generate an expiry date based upon the date of your last payment. An email confirming the expiry date will be sent to you, and on that date, the account will be disabled.

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