BOOK (Drawing Towards Watercolour) TESTIMONIALS

"Having attended your demo at the Phoenix Art Club in Hull at the beginning of the month and bought your book, I thought I'd just send this email to you. I enjoyed your demo and was amazed at how easy you made it look and the glorious nearly finished painting. Many thanks for allowing us to see your talent at work.

I am reading and studying the book and am learning more from it than any other I have read (and these are many). I am, under instruction from the book, improving both my paint and sketching skills beyond anything I could have imagined. I hope next year to join one of your courses."
Peter Ford
Hull UK

"As a beginner in watercolour painting I feel I really must write to say how much I have enjoyed and been helped by your excellent DVD and book 'Drawing Towards Watercolour'. Of all DVDs I have purchased, yours has been by far the most helpful."
Dr Mike Irving
Burford UK

"I have just received a copy of your book "Drawing towards watercolour", from my book club. It has to be one of the best art books I have read in a long time, and I also liked the refreshing use of colour. I have just brought the paint and can't wait to try out your demo's"
Del Ingram
Gravesend, Kent UK

"I started reading your book. It's great. You really give encouragement. It is very well put across. It should sell well. The book reflects you - not only a talented painter but a very, very nice person too. "
Marlis Dane

"I would just like to let you know I have recently purchased your new book and it is absolutely brilliant. The informal style of writing is excellent and I am looking forward to trying the projects. I would recommend this book to anyone amateur or otherwise."
Barbara Hunter
Newcastle upon Tyne