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  • Peter Woolley BRUSH SET
    produced by:
    Rosemary & Co.

    Now you can buy and use the very same brushes that Peter uses. This set of 6 watercolour brushes are made, and exclusively packaged, by Rosemary & Co, manufacturers of the finest quality hand-made artist brushes for over 30 years.

    Price: £75.10
    + carriage

    (This link will take you directly to the Rosemary & Co order page)

    Red Sable Blend
    'These are my favourite brushes, and the ones that I now use almost exclusively. They offer a perfect blend of natural and synthetic hair; sable to hold the liquid and nylon to offer a good, healthy spring - providing durability whilst keeping the price within a reasonable budget. I also find the short handle a bonus'
    - Peter.

    The set includes:
    1" Flat Wash Brush (Series 769)
    Size 16 Round (Series 401)
    Size 10 Round (Series 401)
    Size 8 Round (Series 401)
    Size 5 Round (Series 401)
    Size 2 Round (Series 401)

    Woolley's Wonderbrush
    Brush-only set includes 1 Large and 1 Small Wonderbrush

    Price: £7


    Brushes + DVD SET
    Price: £19

    Please note: The DVD, produced by the SAA (Teaching Art Ltd), is available in PAL format only. DVDs in PAL format will not play on US DVD players, but will play on any PC or laptop, anywhere in the World, providing it is fitted with a suitable DVD drive.

    Woolley's Wonderbrush is the Essential Correction & Special Effects tool designed especially for Watercolour Artists.

    The Wonderbrush has a variety of uses. Primarily, it can be used to correct any areas of painting you're unhappy with by lifting out pigment in order to create a highlight upon which to re-paint. It can also be used, in a more subtle manner, to simply lighten areas slightly - with the Wonderbrush you have complete control! It can also be used to create several special effects, as detailed and demonstrated below.

    Primary Uses:

    To Correct Errors, Lighten & Remove unwanted objects
    Begin by dampening the Wonderbrush with clean water.
    Carefully scrub on the chosen area of painting using a circular motion. Begin with a light pressure, gradually increasing until the brushmarks have been either sufficiently lightened or, if desired, removed entirely. Dry the area off immediately with tissue.

    Warning: Take care not to over-scrub as this may damage the paper sizing!

    Special Effects / Reclaiming Highlights
    Many special effects can be achieved with the Wonderbrush. Using thin cardboard as a ‘mask’ to protect adjacent areas of painting, highlights of any shape can be reclaimed. For example, boat-masts can be created by scrubbing between two straight edges narrowly placed together, rays of sunlight can also be created in this way.

    Circular, or similar, highlights (the orb of the sun, stones and rocks etc.) can be created by cutting out the appropriate shape in card and lightening with the wonderbrush in the same manner. Tearing an ‘S’ shape in the card and carefully scrubbing between the resulting edges is great for creating smoke from a chimney.


    from only £9/month

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